Jenn B. Leonardo tells us her experience in her second year as a language assistant at complutense ...

¡Ha sido la leche! 
Yes, you read it right! My whole experience as a language assistant here in Spain has been great.

Historical country, delicious food, rich culture, and helpful people, you name it everything is great about this country.


The first year is like a nesting period, so I can say it's quite a ride. New school settings, new people, and a new curriculum to study. But I am fortunate enough to be assigned to IES Complutense as I was able work with the most welcoming staff, colleagues and students

Embarking in this once-in-a-lifetime is an arduous journey. Living in a foreign country where everything is different from what I grew up with is quite daunting but Spanish people made me feel welcome. Everyone made sure that I can always rely on their help even there's a language barrier.

I always imagine myself teaching, but I never thought it would still happen, so working as a language assistant is like a dream come true. My first day was a nerve-wracking experience since I don't have a formal teaching background. I was able to pull through with the guidance and support of our bilingual coordinator and my colleagues.

Teaching English by incorporating games and fun activities in the lesson plan sums up our job description. Being able to work with different challenged me in performing my job but somehow this gave me a chance to learn different methodologies dependi on the subject. I was able to share a glimpse of my culture and vice versa.

Working as a language assistant is rewarding when you see the smile on the student's faces because it means they learned and enjo the lesson. Learning is not just sharing knowledge students but also imparting them with good values to live in.

Overall, I can say it is a humbling experience as I was fortunate to see another beautiful side of the world which I call my second home, Spain. I was lucky to be working with the most sociable, easy-going, and clever students of IES Complutense. I was blessedworked with the most qualified, knowledgeable, and selfless teachers whom I've learned a lot from preparing lesson plans, handling and dealing students. When I saw the 's dedication, I can sa, "Teaching is not a job, it is a passion."

These two years of adventure are ful of gratefulness for all the wisdom, friendship, and love that I've gained and experienced with my IES Complutense family.

Maraming Salamat (Thank you very much), IES Complutense!
Yo soy del Complutense,
Jennifer B. Leonardo
Filipina with a heart.