Halloween door contest: Second edition

The winner, Tania Díaz Aparicio, with her wonderful door and the price

Valeria Sotoca Munera 2ºC

Last year, the Halloween door contest changed its rules a little bit because of the pandemic and the COVID situation.

The idea was decorating some doors around the highschool with a Halloween theme in the month of October. They could unleash their imagination and paint anything they wanted with any material as long as it respected the Halloween theme.

Unfortunately, they had to add new requirements and rules to avoid infecting students from COVID-19 and keep them safe from the virus, which made more students to back down and not participate in the activity. The students could no longer work in groups and share their material and ideas like last year, they had to work individually and keep social distance with everyone.

The teachers of the English department were the judges and the ones who voted for the three best doors with a score of 1, 2 or 3, three being the highest score.

Finally, after a very long time of thinking who the winner would be, they got to the conclusion that the spookiest door was the one painted by Tania Diaz Aparicio from 1B. Her door looked awesome, it had lots of glitter and vibrant colors who made it stand out above the others. As award she recieved a voucher of 15 euros to spend in the stationer´s shop of the El Val mall and a diploma.


Thanks to every single student who participated in this activity despite this awful situation. You all did amaizing pieces of art. Let´s hope next year we get to work together without any restrictions. Thank you, and good job!

Look how spooky the highschool looked: