· About Rut ·

 Rut García Lázaro is an English teacher at our high school.  What leads Rut to carry out this outstanding project was the concern both teachers and students had revolving the pandemic. The most important thing was to stay safe and healthy, of course. 

 After watching multiple videos, reports, debating and speaking about the topic, how to prevent catching the virus, how it spread and what recommendations the UN had, she mixed the idea of raising awareness with the most common media for these: advertisements. The ads Rut found were either too chilldish or too formal, until she came up with the idea to have us creating something more appealing for people of our age.

 The outcome was astonishing. Her 1º ESO students made posters, and her 1º Bachillerato ones had the chance to choose between a video or a poster. Rut was amazed by how many videos came out. 

 Rut was very pleased with the result, and even though she hopes the topic does not revolve around a global pandemic, she will repeat this activity with her future students.

· Videos ·

 Alberto and Hugo try to address the pollution which the use of mask creates. as they are to be used and thrown away, they remind us to cut the strings before discarding them

Alberto Duran & Hugo Ascarza, 1ºK

Andrea Stefanel, 1ºH

 Andrea has chosen an impacting approach, showing how serious this situation is. With an intense music in the background, it catches the audience's attention from the very beginning.

Celia Alvarez, 1ºK

 Celia has taken a more relaxed approach, using a metaphor between the virus with a secret. The soft look and music make the target focus on the message solely.

Javier Espinosa, 1ºH

 Javier chooses a similar idea to Andrea, where they really impact the viewer. He picks a cheerful music which turns into silence gradually.

Juan Manuel Colombo & Hugo Fitor, 1ºK

 Juan Manuel and Hugo compare the astronauts' situation and how they cannot go out either, and how they are still happy, encouraging us to stay cheered up.

Oscar Curiel, 1ºK

 Oscar chooses to compare the speed of transmission of the virus with Formula 1 races. He uses his voice for a more personal touch and comparisons among the topics.

Oscar Garcia, 1ºK

 Oscar, in his ad, shows the synonym of mask as the superhero one and the surgical one, telling the audience to be a superhero too, in order to save the world.

Sara Lizardo, 1ºH

 Sara has a very straightforward intention in her advertisement, where she lists the many consequences of the virus and encourages the viewers to stay safe.