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Hope for those in need

Valentine’s day, marked annually on february 14th, is a day that sparks mixed opinions among us all. However, this time around our class has decided to do something everyone would be pleased with, especially those who need it the most in these trying times.

A children’s hospital in Bristol was greatly surprised on valentine’s when they received an email containing a few projects we decided to make to cheer up and show our appreciation for those children who need it the most. Said projects consist of a video containing things about our city and personal interests as well as two banners furnished with handmade decorations, hopeful messages and tons of care! Here’s a few quotes from students that took part in these projects:

‘‘Our group decided to make a video with a restaurant thematic to make it feel like whoever is watching it is having dinner at a fancy restaurant while they learn about the place we live in as well as ourselves. We thought this would be a great way to catch their attention and establish a meaningful connection between us’’  ~ Gift 


‘‘We made a banner containing a handwritten letter in which we encouraged them not to give up as well as some motivational messages wishing for their health to improve soon. We also included a few decorations consisting of our favourite media franchises and some music playlists for them to enjoy and kill time with.’’

~ Deniza 

Needless to say, the children over at Bristol appreciated the gesture a lot and it lifted their spirits so overall, that’s a win in my book! 

Texto de: David González Carlin 1ºL